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The Colours of Autumn

By David Roulston

From the summer green to the amazing reds, yellows and orange of Autumn, this shift is developed with an astonishingly small palette of substances that generate the multitude of autumnal colours.

The yellows and golden aren't created; instead they've been uncovered as the leaves begin to shut-down for winter-time. The verdant green chlorophylls, that colour our planet, are volatile compounds. As paradoxically it's ruined by sunshine, an energetic plant has to continuously replace chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is helped in its search to crop light with several accessory compounds the carotenoids, compounds like carotene (orange) and xanthophyll (yellowish). The color is given by carotenoids to such matters as: carrots, corn, daffodils, buttercups, and bananas.

Helping Birds In Winter

By Anne Beattie

Not absolutely all birds migrate for winter months. There are a few simple things you can do in order to bring them to your lawn, and supply them with all the shelter they want. Eliminate any intrusive plants that you could have. Possible take on the plants that you simply must draw the birds. The birds in your town are utilized to such plants, perhaps not merely do they supply food, they additionally supply natural cold temperatures shelter.

The Power of Mother Nature

Author Anne e Beattie

Since the birth of civilization, man has been in awe of the forces of nature. The life giving and life taking, unexplainable forces of nature. He has often associated these forces with mythological gods. Different societies have different versions of these gods. It is generally thought that Mother Nature can trace its origins to Ancient Greece. In Ancient Greece the mythological goddess was known as Demeter. The legend go's that Demeters daughter, Persephone was kidnapped and taken to the underworld. Her mother Demeter punished the world by refusing to allow fruits and vegetables to grow until her daughter was released. For the good of earth Zeus intervened to get Persephone released, but she had already eaten fruit from the underworld.


Renewable Energy and the Green Economy

Renewable Energy and the Green Economy by SelJones

The renewable energy industry is on the verge of creating a worldwide economic boom. Venture capitalists around the world are poised to invest heavily which will create new jobs at a remarkable rate. In other words the green economy is the next big economic boom. Governments that recognize this trend are investing heavily in educating their young people to be ready for the new economy that will define their lives. Technology companies are wanting college graduates with expertise in the new tools, methods and techniques.

What are the effects of climate change?

Author John Cole

Climate change. We have all heard the term but how many of us have actually considered the very real implications these two simple words hold over us and future generations to come? Floods, droughts, abandoned cities, lack of food sources – all are potential outcomes of the growing problems associated with climate change.

Take, for example, rising sea levels. Disaster movies often embellish the speed with which environmental devastation can occur but the truth is, scientists tracking rising temperatures at the Arctic poles have confirmed that ice is melting at a rate of 9% every ten years.

But can something occurring so far away actually have a real impact on the average person? In short, the answer is yes. Put simply, depleting levels of snow and ice at the Arctic poles mean the earth is absorbing greater amounts of sunlight and consequently global temperatures are rising. This is, in turn, changing animal migratory habits and contributing to rising sea levels, as glaciers and land based ice sheets break away and oceans expand under higher temperatures. Not only are rising sea levels a direct threat to the millions of people living on low lying land masses and in coastal areas; rising atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide are changing marine Eco systems as the oceans become more acidic. Consequently, not only will people be displaced from their homes, they might not have access to basic sustenance - an apocalyptic but sadly realistic scenario.

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