Table of Contents: 00:09 Lecture 9.6: The Partition Function – a Few Examples 00:22 A Few Examples 01:31 Example A: H atoms at 1000 K. 06:12 Example B: Two-state spin system in a magnetic field 09:16 Defining the system 12:42 How does the net magnetic moment of one spin depend on B and T 15:46 Plot of Results – One Spin in External Magnetic Field 17:45 Example C: A three level system 22:37 For many quantum systems, 25:50 What is average energy of a particle in this 3-level system? 28:08 Up Next This video is part of the nanoHUB hosted [More]
Discussed is a new approach to the question of cosmogenesis. Slides and discussion will be available at:
Every day: so many opportunities to connect… What if you took just one? Directed by Ted Chung also directed by Ted Chung: “On Time”: “Mike’s”: “An elegant and very affecting portrait of big-city loneliness and the instant connections that go “ping” and are gone seconds later. The emotions are halting, delicate, true.” -Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere
This Support WebCast covers the components of Hybrid Mailflow, the connector differences between Exchange 2010 and 2013 hybrid mailflow, header differences between centralized and decentralized transport, and typical issues that adversely affect hybrid mailflow.
Control systems to achieve a networked society that’s friendly to people and the environment ( 4/2/2014 Kubo Laboratory, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University Control systems to achieve a networked society that’s friendly to people and the environment DigInfo TV –
As founder of the Ig Nobel awards, Marc Abrahams explores the world’s most improbable research. In this thought-provoking (and occasionally side-splitting) talk, he tells stories of truly weird science — and makes the case that silliness is critical to boosting public interest in science. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design — plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions [More]
A 45,000-year-old thighbone is showing when humans and neanderthals may have first interbred and revealing details about our origins. Follow Lauren Zima: See more at Sources: BBC Nature LiveScience Natural History Museum, London Stanford University Image via: Erich Ferdinand / CC BY 2.0
Directed by Greg Williams during his cover shoot for UK Esquire Magazine July 2010 issue Shot on the Red One with MX Sensor. Song “Tiger” by Maximum Balloon feat. Aku
IECHO was founded in 1994. It is now the leading Chinese manufacturer for automatic cutting system in sign ,graphics ,packaging ,garment ,leather ,composite industries . IECHO is dedicated to innovation and outstanding service. Precision and reliability are our aim .The best cost performance is our advantage .IECHO`s presence is becoming worldwide with decades of experience.
Singapore has come a long way since its independence, and the environment we enjoy today is all thanks to our Pioneers’ dedicated efforts and careful planning to protect and improve our environment. We could not have done it without each and every one of them. As we celebrate the achievements of our Pioneers, we would like to extend our heartiest gratitude to the pioneer generation that started it all. They have brought honour to our environmental scene, now let us honour them. This video gives an overview of the main areas in Sysmac Studio to aid development with the NA Series HMI. Designed following careful analysis of real applications and customer requirements, the new NA machine interface makes it fast and easy to implement dynamic, intuitive user interfaces that help boost productivity and minimise downtime by giving detailed real-time and historical insights into machine operation. Dr. Polagye’s research focuses on responsibly harnessing the kinetic energy in moving water. In particular, he is developing a better understanding of the practically recoverable resource from tidal streams through numerical modeling and field measurements. In-stream energy extraction is numerically modeled over a variety of scales, from an entire estuary down to a single device. At the estuarine scale, kinetic power extraction leads to a number of far-field effects, including changes to the tidal range, volume flow rate, and power dissipation. Each of these effects has important environmental, social, and economic consequences for in-stream developments. At the device scale, [More]
Volvo Environment Prize laureate 2008, Crawford ”Buzz” Holling, influential ecologist and the father of the resilience theory. ”Buzz Words” alternative energy sources list,japan renewable energy,renewable energy sources,examples of renewable energy,sun power,renewable energy source,renewable energies,clean energy sources,what is a renewable energy source,what is non renewable energy,renewable natural resources,alternative energy sources,importance of renewable energy,electrical energy,non renewable energy sources list,clean John Michael Greer speaks at the Economics, Energy and Environment conference at The School of Economic Science in London on June 1st 2014. The complete conference can be watched online here:… John Michael Greer’s blog, “The Archdruid Report,” has become one of the most widely cited online resources dealing with the future of industrial society. He brought his wide experience [More]