Once installed on the Hubble Space Telescope during the upcoming servicing mission this year, COS will dramatically advance physics and astrophysics research on the origin of the Universe, astronomical objects, evolution of galaxies, and planetary system formations. In addition, the spectroscope will significantly enhance the spectroscopic capabilities of the telescope at ultraviolet wavelengths, provide scientists with unparalleled opportunities for observing faint sources of ultraviolet and cosmic web light that will absorb new cosmic information and help the telescope investigate the collected data until the end of its mission, currently 2013. This video was produced and edited by Hubble producer Mike [More]
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Reading a book by Jane Roberts channeling Seth.
Keith Walyus describes the experience of the Servicing Mission 4 spacewalks as head of communications in the Goddard STOCC. The Space Operations Control Center, also known as the STOCC, is responsible 24/7, 365 days a year for monitoring all Hubble systems and facilitating all of the telescope’s science observations. Two teams of flight controllers designated as the Orbit Team and the Planning Team will work closely with the mission control flight team in Houston in coordinating all of the activities planned as part of the final shuttle servicing mission to the Hubble Telescope. This video was produced and edited by [More]
Download your FREE trial of RAD Studio XE8 today! http://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio RAD Studio XE8 The Connected App Platform for Windows and Beyond
Download your FREE trial of RAD Studio XE8 today! http://www.embarcadero.com/products/rad-studio RAD Studio XE8 The Connected App Platform for Windows and Beyond
The Hubble Space Telescope would not be able to produce its breathtaking science without the upgraded infrastructure targeted during the HST SM4 mission: Fine Guidance Sensor, Scientific Instrument Command and Data Handling, Soft Capture Mechanism, Batteries, and New Outer Blanket Layers. Along with all new cameras, scientific instruments, the Hubble telescope will work better than it ever has in its lifetime. For more info: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/hubble/servicing/series/Hubble_space_armor.html
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The Hubble Space Telescope has been with us for nearly two decades. In that time, its breathtaking images have captured peoples imaginations and its groundbreaking science has revealed some of the many secrets of our universe. After five spacewalks by the STS-125 mission to repair Hubble, commander Scott “Scooter” Altman confirmed a successful release of the Hubble telescope from the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Shortly after the deploy, Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski visited controllers in Goddard’s Space Telescope Operations Control Center. Mikulski, who praised the Hubble team for their hard work and dedication during this mission. For more info: http://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/news/topstory/2009/hubble_deploy.html
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The Full IDA panel discussion on Desalination Energy and Environment Nexus part of the IWS 2015 conference sessions.
The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is the first mission in NASA’s planned return to the moon. LRO is an unmanned mission to create the comprehensive atlas of the moon’s features and resources necessary to design all future lunar exploration efforts. LRO focuses on the selection of safe landing sites, identification of lunar resources and the study of how lunar radiation will affect humans. For more info: http://www.nasa.gov/LRO
On News Point, a debate on whether the government’s change of stand over new hydel projects in Uttarakhand is going to lead to another big disaster like the 2013 flood tragedy. The NDA government had told the Supreme Court in December that the existing as well as new projects had aggravated the tragedy in 2013 and therefore needed a comprehensive review. However after a meeting chaired by the principal secretary to the prime minister in January, the attorney general representing environment ministry told the court that the six new projects were ‘worthy of clearance’. (Audio in Hindi) Watch full video: [More]
Curious to know how plants communicate with each other? There should be a way they exchange thoughts, advice, views, etc. And how they think? It’s a difficult question to answer. However, this
What a spectacular day for the Goddard Space Flight Center. During the day the Maryland’s Place in Space Expo was held at the Baltimore Convention Center. It was like exploring the universe in your own back yard. There was over 100 imaginative exhibits, plus interactive activities, NASA astronauts, robotic competitions, musical performances with HD animation and video presentations. During the evening, Goddard celebrated its 50th anniversary with a cocktail reception, sit down dinner, and a special performance from Patti Labelle. More than 900 employees attended, but the fun didn’t end there as Goddard continued to dance the night away. For [More]
please subscribe Crocodile King – LARGEST REPTILE ON EARTH – New Nature Documentary 2014 Crocodile King – LARGEST REPTILE ON EARTH – New Nature Documentary 2014Crocodile King … National Geographic Nature Documentary documentaries, documentary films, documentaries discovery channel, documentary bbc, documentary history channel,documentary national geographic … Croczilla: Biggest Giant Crocodiles in the World (Nature Documentary) The saltwater crocodile is the largest of all living reptiles, and one of the few animals that’s a documented man-eater…. Crocodile King: LARGEST REPTILE ON EARTH (Nature Documentary) The largest reptile on earth – the saltwater crocodile – is lurking in the rivers of Australia’s [More]
Time-lapse video constructed from The Lawrence Hall Of Science webcam on 2015-04-02. Original webcam image URI: http://www.lawrencehallofscience.org/static/scienceview/scienceview.berkeley.edu/html/view/view_assets/images/newview.jpg