Brian Cox tests the Doctor – The Science of Doctor Who: Preview – BBC Two

More about this programme: Brian Cox takes a trip with the Doctor and challenges the science of the TARDIS.


Muon Ray says:

“Tidal forces on a black hole in there would rip you to bits”
Not if it was a naked singularity.

John Arsenault-Rivenburg says:

*The Science of Doctor Who*
on Thursday, 14th November at 9pm on BBC Two…

#Science #DoctorWho #BrianCox #SaveTheDay #MattSmith 

Kim Hawtin says:

Brian Cox tests the Doctor – The Science of Doctor Who: Preview – BBC Two

Daniel Crabb says:
John Arsenault-Rivenburg says:

*The Science of Doctor Who*
on Thursday, 14th November at 9pm on BBC Two…

#Science #DoctorWho #BrianCox #SaveTheDay #MattSmith 

Annette Holland says:

I give you your physics boner of the day:

Brian Cox and The Doctor…two great tastes that taste great together.

#DoctorWho #physics #BrianCox 

Joyce Donahue says:

“Want to see my black hole? I keep it in the basement.” ;-)

#doctorwho50thanniversary #science 

Doctor Who says:

It’s just amazing #doctorwho #savetheday

Tony Sidaway says:

*Brian Cox meets Doctor Who.*

This looks promising, as TV goes. An experimental physicist takes a modern
fairytale as a starting point for asking interesting questions about the
real world. How exactly *would* you keep a black hole tame enough to
exploit as an energy source?

Jim Cavera says:

And because today is a science-y kind of day…

Sue Whiting says:

Loved this – so funny :)

Christie Nel says:

I’m not a Dr. Who fan, but I am a Brian Cox fan.

Han Solo says:

Nice Wig Matt

Johnnyboc says:


emeraldon says:

BBC, you suck for taking the full movie off youtube.

JustJoe says:

Is this Matt a better Pilot than the Matt from the news copter 1 :P

Christopher Mehl says:

Brian Cox and the Doctor discuss TARDIS physics!

#doctorwho #briancox 

JohnnyZenith says:

What happened to the full episode? :(

Liusila says:

Coxy, haha

David Mc Cormack says:

#SaveTheDay #doctorwho50thanniversary #doctorwho 

TM3 says:

IT LIVES !!!!!!!!

Galaena Gaffenstrew says:

Doctor Who & Brian Cox

Karri Huhtanen says:

Brian Cox tests the Doctor – The Science of Doctor Who: Preview – BBC Two

shaun blyth says:

Love the look on Matts face when Brian says bigger on the inside doesn’t
seem too complicated. *Shock* Don’t listen him to cover your ears! …Were
are your ears?

Extinct games says:

I would love brian cox as a special guest on a dr who episode.

doctorobi9000 says:

theres a sexual remark in there “Wanna Se My Black Hole I Keep Down There
In The Basement”

Malle Poulsen says:

“Want to see my black hole?” That’ll be my new pick up line

en joshi-godrez says:

random video link from OfficialNerdCubed… no I was the only one that
clicked it? Ok then :(

Dalek Thay says:

NO! its powered by the eye of harmony!!!!!

Agamer4321 says:

I was sent here by a man who couldn’t survive a $9,000 bounty.

Jose Gonzales says:

I hope it’s broadcast on BBC America or at least make it available on
iTunes… I need my Doctor Who fix and Science fix

Caralina Bustamante says:

When does it air?

birdtomahawk says:

this looks surprisingly good!

Zoe Conroy says:

Matt’s wig is impressive, I was worried it was going to be totally awful!
Can’t wait to see this! :D 

Mati Pryjomko says:

Hands off Cox! :P

Lucy Hicks says:

Both of them together! Oh, think of the FANDOMS!

Technologeek92 says:

Haha, cool Science Celebrity.

Muffin Man Dan says:

love it

collette m says:

AHHHHH this pref the trailer doesnt compare to this

Chris Johnston-Stuart says:


I really liked professor Brian Cox’s ” science of Dr WHO”, but, with respect, it seemed to rest on the idea that Einstein’s relativity proved the existence of ‘time’.

In my research it seems relativity only assumes time exists, and is written ‘as if’ time is proven elsewhere. However, I don’t personally seem to see anything come out of a ‘future’ , or recede into a ‘past’, so, if anyone is interested in a possible flip side to ‘time’ I produced this video response, which *may* explain all of professor Cox’s suggestions “timelessly”.

“(possibly) Timeless answers to Brian Cox’s science of Dr WHO”

Matt Marsden
(Auth a brief history of timelessness )

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