Environment at the Boom Festival 2012

ENVIRONMENT AT BOOM FESTIVAL 2012 is a snapshot of the awarded Boom Environmental Program. It shows some eco technologies and data developed by the Boom Fest…


tetoz sorcier says:

What is the name of the firts song

Skalmun says:

Best festival I’ve ever been at. No freakin’ doubt! One love! BOOM!

Elvio Neto says:

Portugal nice place :)

brook5y0691 says:

I love you boom!!

Lloyd IZARD says:

I was there! One love people, and come to the Boom in 2014 :D

DigitalPlayers says:




atuamae says:

we are one.. always and forever. Peace

andryussss says:

i go..yeah….

Upbeat Monk says:

awesome..wish i was to b a part of it..will be some day..boomersssss

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