Filmi By Nature Add-On For XBMC Step by Step Full Guide

Since alot of you guys requested a Add-on For Bollywood movies, here is yet another Add-on done by AJ add-ons Which is part of Fusion HTTP Servers This is wh…


Raj Singh says:


I just bought g-box and tried to update AJ addon but it’s not working.. Can
I remove the addon and reinstall?
Also I added super repo to install einthusan addon but it’s not working …
I bought this g-box because my Apple TV 2 won’t play movies continuously
and it will stop playing any content after 10-20 mins? do you know the fix?

aj jan says:

Cant get update

aj jan says:

:(((( its not working

Sukhwinder Singh says:

HI, I downloaded the Fusion but all the option are not coming up. World
folder is not coming up. pls help 

preet369143 says:

Not working for me either.. tried get updates and force refresh and it wont
work for my apple tv 2… any help would be appreciated

aj jan says:

I have prob on my ipad 

e M says:

aj jan ,
Try to press force refresh instead of get updates, it works for me, good

XC techs says:

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