FLL 2013 Nature’s Fury – 537 Points

Hollis Lightning (also known as HUES Lightning) robot run obtaining 537 Points for FLL 2013 Nature’s Fury. Hollis Lightning won the 2nd place Champions Award…


Gavin Garland says:

great robot! The modular design is just incredible. I remember seeing you
guys at the state event my team is looking at a lot of the things you guys
are doing as we move forward. Hope to see u guy at Agganis!

Naturally Beck says:

We may see you at LEGOLAND! Great Job!

LegoVinir says:

Very nice robot! We really like the last part, driving over the obstacles
;) Haha, just kidding,… Awesome! :)

Langton Lions FLL says:

How does the bit for the plane at the beginning work?

Jen Cadenhead says:

Nice job! Just wondering how do you move the NXT brick without having to
reconnect the wires? It seemed like you were able to slip it in and out of
the attachments without a lot of time plugging in motors or sensors.

TheGrapeanator263 says:

Good job you guys I was at the state competition you were at and I thought
you did a great job 

Peter Smith says:

We were invited to compete at Lego Land in California, so we are
switching to the EV3 and redoing every task. Our score is 586. We found out
that in the California tables they have polls sticking up on the long side
of the table. It means that our last run has to be re-designed.

Dave Martsolf says:

Greg, this is an amazing video and amazing work by the kids on your team.
I loved the music, the points calculator overlay, and the final design that
so effortlessly waltzed over every obstacle. Your team has a future with
NASA robotics definitely.

Ethan Gahm says:

Guess what guys. Me and a couple of my team mates saw you at the FRC comp
at BU. Lol I had seen your video but had no idea I would see you there.
Nice job!

soma mukherjee says:

We did the same thing with the obstacle mission but with springs it runs
very smothely

Fll 498 says:

You’re good! We will be glad if you watch on our video team 498 Israel

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