how to do java set path in environment variables of windows

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Ninad Ufale says:

its just a lookup mechanism wherein cmd tries to find the given command or
exe. So if you provide the exe location in the path variable of environment
variables then you dont have to type the entire path where the exe is
located as the cmd will look for the exe under the provided paths.

clermix says:

i dont have path already in the environment variables… please help

Ninad Ufale says:

Can you check if the javac.exe is present in your jdk folder. It should be
located in java folder under program files. If exe is not present then you
need to correct your jdk else provide the path of your environment
variables along with the path of your jdk folder for validation.

TheSuperduperzach says:

what is the bin path

Claymore2408 says:

writing “java” works in the cmd but “javac” doesn’t work no matter how many
times I try.

Kehrin says:

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TwoMods says:

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kim georgii says:

how i re install the jdk?

Ninad Ufale says:

@TheSuperduperzach : Its {windows drive e.g: C:}Program
FilesJavajdk{version number}bin. There might be a possibility of having
multiple jdk versions in the folder so select the one which you want to use.

lau rens says:

i can’t find my java folder (strange). but java says I have java. can you
have an idea how to find the map?

Ninad Ufale says:

Well you can add the path variable in two places. If you want to make it
specific to user then add the variable PATH in User Variables by creating
new one. If you want to make it system specific then do the same thing in
System Variables.

MrVon918 says:

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mattman100x says:

simple question whats jdk because i have java 11 update 7 downloaded and im
trying to start a bukkit minecraft server and my java is not working so im
doing what ur doing and its just not working can you help me?

GoGoGianTo says:

THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scientist12345678910 says:

would this work for normal java too because when I type “java” in cmd it
gives me the same error. also, if i do it for jdk, will it replace the need
to do it for normal java?

Jay Walsh says:

ok i did everything you did im attepting to make a server in minecraft i
have jre7 please help

TheSkyCantFall says:

Thank’s so much bro! On my way to Coding Java! :D



Bogdan Kazydub says:

Thank you very much.

Ninad Ufale says:

can you be more specific.

Xint3ns3GamrX says:

Oh thanks good video I figured it out! Thumbs up all.

lau rens says:

i can’t find my java folder (strange). but java says I have java. can you
have an idea how to find the map?

Ninad Ufale says:

can you be more specific as in what type of error you are getting.

ahmed manzoor says:

ThAnKs BuDdY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ninad Ufale says:

You need to provide the specific error log or details in order to
troubleshoot why it’s not working

trockzh3r3 says:

ok what is in that box before you add the java path like what was the
original one plz send me a copy of the path you have

deltapkvidz says:

okay so i messed up first time but now i know hiow to do it i dont know my
original path… what do i do…

rexking133 says:

yea um i kinda messed up and i deleted the path can u send me it if u can
windows xp plz i need it

Ninad Ufale says:

If you are talking about the java folder then you should be able to locate
it under the programs folder. In order to help you further you need to
elaborate more on your issue

cundiz64 says:

that was a great tutorial. Thank you for your help

ThemOldaBoys says:

When I go to the jdk1.7.0_40 folder, I don’t see a “bin” folder in it.

kidsandpot says:

iv tryed everything i did everything right i just diddnt work

Ninad Ufale says:

You can get the jdk exe from SUN site and then you can install it as you
install other software. If you want to delete the older version then you
can directly delete that from program files or if you are not sure what to
delete then uninstall it from program list in control panel.

BrziZeka says:

Thanks man, was about to kill myself

Ninad Ufale says:

JDK is java development kit. It contains all the source code libraries and
executable like compiler and interpreter to build the java applications.
Now java 11 update 7 is the version and the update of that version.
Whenever a change is made to the jdk like compiler is enhanced or new data
type is introduced or new library introduced its been updated. So when
major change happens to the kit its number and when minor change is
introduced you get it as update. I hope this answers your jdk question

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