Nature v Nurture

I took this clip from the BBC programme called, Bang Goes the Theory. It looks at the nature v’s nurture on the subject of children and their preference in m…


Dominic Magliocco says:

Listen to what is said again you fool and get off your high horse. This
clip does not claim to be a controlled experiment.

Ryan Lewis says:

This video’s conclusion is such BS. Bad Science. The experiment w/ humans
clearly showed the “boys” &”girls” playing w/ the toys that the adults
suggested. The monkey experiment really had ZERO relation to this
experiment. Female animals have maternal instincts. They mature faster than
humans. They are not exposed to “society” ergo, no biased stimuli. I have 2
cats (boy & girl), so according to this video, my female cat should play
with “girl toys.” Bad science. Rubbish. This is embarrassing.

PO'd Puerto Rican says:

You know… I’m not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that. Rereading
the comments. I agree with you. My apologies, have a good day!

Ryan Lewis says:

I was attacking the conclusion @ the end, hence “This video’s
conclusion…”. She says “Nature plays just as big of role as Nurture.” If
u agree with her, then I’m sorry, u don’t know the slightest bit about
behavioral science. There is no such thing as Human Nature. If Human Nature
were constant, our advancements as a species would have advanced little
beyond the covered wagon. Furthermore, we’d still be living in caves. There
is such a thing as Human Behavior, but that has always been changed.

Ryan Lewis says:

I’m not sure what your point is. But, I think you need to look up the
definition of the word “Misogynist.” It means Woman Hater… As far as I
know, no one was discussing misogyny.


Very nice

butlikereally says:

It’s pseudoscience. It proves what they want to prove and there aren’t
enough trials for it to be accurate and they haven’t explained the
experimental errors. It’s propaganda in the form of a scientific

PO'd Puerto Rican says:

“Female animals have maternal instincts.” Humans are animals. Confirmed for

Albert Mag says:

I also liked the monkey testing interesting that they differentiated
between toys on a higher percentage in regards to their sex … I wonder
how this experiment would work in Thailand, where a very large percentage
of the population is lady boy {females in male bodies } and tom boy { males
in female bodies } . as these traits do show up at least as early as
elementary school and are not discriminated upon at all …

Dominic Magliocco says:

Goodness sake. This is not a controlled experiment and it doesn’t pretend
to be. The difference between your two cats, or the two cats and dog I
have, is that the primates are more inteligent.

Ryan Lewis says:

Thank you; no apology needed. I just didn’t want others to misunderstand
the issue.

XorFish says:

Well, you can make out differences between boys and girls at the age of 1
day. That can hardly be nurture. If you want more info, watch the gender
equality paradox.

khaled amine says:

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