RAD Studio XE5 – Setting Up Your Android Development Environment

This short video shows you how to set up your RAD Studio XE5 development environment for Android application development. Learn more about RAD Studio at http…


spektrum1983 says:

I can’t see Android as an option in SDK manager, only OS X.

Débora Mendonça says:

PANIC: Could not open: rsxe5_android.

KidsVids says:

@Adrian Gall. To do that, he must have first gone to Start > Embarcadero
RAD Studio XE5 > Android SDKs > Android Tools and downloaded the SDK’s he
wanted. Then he would have gone to Start > Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5 >
Android SDKs > Android AVD Manager, then selected the device, and clicked
Start. The resulting window mimics an Android device. On that, if you
click the apps button (a circle with dots on my VD or virtual device), then
Settings > System | Developer Tools, you can see the same options. 

Ruslan Primak says:

It’s not worked. I see empty black screen without buton and message
“Application is hung”. So your IDE has lot problems. I would wait the XE6

René van de Vosse says:

Nice for you, not working for me. and for many others I see. Is there a

Gary E says:

At 2:36, “…we’ve pre-built a connection to the Android emulator that is
installed as part of the SDK tools”. That is the step that I would like
more information about and frankly it’s strange that it’s not contained in
this video, considering its title.

Björn Hansen says:

Can’t get Fullscreen mode to work: [Project > Options > Version Info >
theme > No TitleBar] still shows Titlebar (also with Form.Fullscreen:=True
and Form.Borderstyle:=bsNone) Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Android

Ionut Ovidiu Georgescu says:

Yes. Also I have a problem of compatibility between RAD XE5, Windows 7 X64
and SQLServer 2012 X64. Delphi will not connect EVER with a x64 DB. Even
I’ve installed all the driver it needs and the client.

julian dere says:

i love you embarcadero! i can’t believe it’s so easy :D:D

Роман Кротов says:

Now we create android app in delphi! Its very cool!

Chang Tai Yang says:

Good info

Ionut Ovidiu Georgescu says:

[PAClient Error] Error: E2312 C:Users…DocumentsRAD
error: No resource identifier found for attribute ‘largeHeap’ in package

mohammad jahanshahi says:

what was that android screen view ?

Björn Hansen says:

ok.. i found a Workaround: change this: android:theme=”%theme%”> to:
android:theme=”%theme%.Fullscreen”> in the AndroidManifest.template.xml

Maya Opperman says:

I have just installed XE5, but I work remotely over remote desktop, and I
am also waiting for my new tablet to arrive. So, I’d like to use the
emulator, but although I have the Android SDK, I don’t have an option to
select an emulator?! The video shows how to add the SDK, but not the

Jan Lochman says:

I have exactly the same problem. Trying to set NDK, SDK to lower Android
version, but compiled apps are always terminating themselves. Everything
works fine only on Android 4.0. and higher. Hopefully, Embarcadero will
soon come with some clear solution.

Ionut Ovidiu Georgescu says:

My solution is to delete the line android:largeHeap=”%largeHeap%” from the
AndroidManifest.template.xml in your application folder. Still the app is
not working in 2.3.6. The screen is always black. It enters the app waits 5
seconds and then it exists.

Tristan Marlow says:

I you can’t start the Android Emulator PANIC: Could not open, Create a
environment variable called: ANDROID_SDK_HOME and set it to

r saca says:

can you please add Arabic support for Android and Ios . Arabic text is not
displayed correctly on Android and Ios

Adrian Gall says:

Does anyone know what he clicked on to bring up that Dialog Box with Stay
Awake and Debugging?

lalinden says:

Fucking/stupid/bored embarcadero, WHY, JUST TELL ME WHY !?!?! I install the
trial and open sample/simple android project, but when run.. ide says; “you
need to setup and android emulator”, ok, but docs say that is just ok with
default install, if not, why package brings and SDK/NDK and many folders
have those paths related ? Help instructions does not work… the only
reason to try this shit is fast android dev app, I hate lose time to setup
stupid ways to do simple things, see netbeans/eclipse

Ionut Ovidiu Georgescu says:

Hello, Very cool. Can you please explain in a video how to build
applications for older versions of Android ? I’m trying to build a simple
app. for 2.3 6 GINGERBREAD but the application fails to start. Something
with Heap memory. Probably I didn’t set up well the platform SDK and NDK.

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