Ubuntu 14 Developers Environment [Part 1]

Ubuntu is the best non-proprietary free OS in my opinion. I use Ubuntu regularly now. It’s very good, and it’s free. Get Ubuntu @ http://www.ubuntu.com/download.


JREAM says:

#ubuntu love it

iDavidP says:

You should try Elementary OS, it’s a distro based on Ubuntu but it looks
way nicer. I would use it myself if I didn’t have OS X ;)

ricksite says:

I use a Mac so I like my menu bar at the top. I just don’t like how it is
hidden until you mouse over it. It looks like it is hidden when you move it
to the window too.

jhon devs says:

nice video but sorry i’m not with ubuntu anymore , just too heavy too messy
not secure to me , DEBIAN IS THE BEST

Bilal Zaman says:

I remember ordering my first Linux when I was in 10th grade in 2008 :D It
was Ubuntu 10.04 LTS I think, and it was shipped to me for free :D Now I
use 14.04. Happy shelling :D

Lars Moelleken says:

Hi, I also use Linux and I will share my dotfiles with you, there are many
default, helpful tools / alias / functinos etc. … please take a look at
it: https://github.com/voku/dotfiles

BaconDrinker says:

I use Linux every day now at my Job (I work remotely) and I find it’s the
most configurable, easy to use environment for development. I tend to use
Arch and Arch based distros, but whatever distro I use I find it plays well
with Windows and Mac machines.

tldr: I love Linux for development and nowadays for every day tasks, it’s

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