Viktor Schauberger – Comprehend and Copy Nature


MrShabbyTiger says:

I hadn’t considered the importance of the spiral before.. The orbit of the
Earth itself is a spiral around the sun. When you consider that the Sun is
moving in orbit as well, then, the path of the Earth (& all the other
planets) must be a 3D spiral

Seamless Robe says:

Because light waves always move one unit of space per one unit of time.. .
.I like to imagine a drop of water dividing one unit of space/ multiplied
by one unit of time dilation.. . .And because the magnetic fields are
always at right angles to the electric fields.. . .I like to think about a
series of wavefronts at right angles coming to a sea shore.. . .
Wavefronts from all particles of the universe cascading downward combine
(Huygens combination of the separate waves) from a distance radius forming
the sinusoidal wave medium density (space) compressing/ expanding two
opposing vortices at each and every point of space, or contracting and
expanding virtual pairs coming into and out of existence at the centre of
their own ref-frames since light is frame dependent.. . .
The total amplitude formed by inward spherical wavefronts at every point
colliding at maximum compression points at wave crests and wave troughs
always seeks a minimum are equally balanced by opposite expansion at
interchanging compression points forming the stillness of the wave
amplitude as trillions of wavefronts cancel leaving space with an average
space medium density square of the wave amplitude the sum of opposite
vectors is always zero. . ..This is the reason for the symmetry or
conservation laws in physics or why, at the speed of C, time and space are
zero due to length contraction and time dilation.. . .
And since atoms and particles are really high amplitude Wave Centres of
pure energy from regions of intense wave pressure.. . .Made of vibrating
wavefronts called shells, or standing waves over a period of time that
contain much of the same information as before.. . .In quantum computing
the two energy states of a Cubit can be an atom, electron, or a photon.. .
.By manipulating this process a physicist shines a 2pi pulse on a Cubit,
and their output was the negation of their input: 0 goes to 1,1 to 0.. .
.the start of a Fibonacci sequence because everything is compressing and
expanding a locational spherical inward absorption t=0 and now outward
emission of electromagnetic vibrating spherical wavefronts forming
resonance antimatter matter annihilation forming positive and negative
electric charge and electromagnetic interference fields as time unfolds
C2.. . .Then I like to imagine this process of stimulated emission is
like water receding from the shoreline (universe) into the bass of each
wavefront forming and breaking at the crest as time unfolds Huygens
wavelets you see new vibrations.. . .A wave comes and breaks, then it
withdraws, and another wave comes which may contain much of the same water
as before.. . .Because stimulated emission is a process by the way of
which a higher energy quantum mechanical state of a particle absorbed by a
wavefront is now being converted to a lower level resulting in the
production of light.. . . 

PYakMan1 says:

What is awful and truly makes me want to fight for the next generation of
ppl, the Elite/Bankers/Oil Corps/Pharma/Govts are all in it together to
keep OUR world from becoming better for Us! THEY are always getting better
Superb Luxuries, AT the Expense of whole populations across the world, and
mentally enslaving the rest of us with their lies too. The ppl at the top
are manipulating everything to make sure WE don’t get the benefits of the
Schauberger’, Rife’,Tesla’, Hutchinson’ exceptional visionaries of the
world, ALL the great energy systems, medical breakthroughs have been kept
from us to ensure MORE PROFITS for disgustingly rich ppl already. IF they
just invested wisely they could never do business again, but it’s more than
that to them. They WANT to control us as slaves, keep our education in the
truth of the mind, spirit, universe to themselves as then they can truly
look on us as IGNORANT!!! Until I taught myself what they KNOW, I wa
ignorant, even though it wasn’t my fault. They want us to be weak to stop
us becoming an organised threat to them.

All I want is a beautiful, bountiful, peaceful, clean, prosperous place to
live/bring up families, yet the govts of the world conspire to keep that
from us. CRIMINALS!!!!

adam rangihana says:

Love The Natural Ideas… Viktor Schauberger – Comprehend and Copy


..Dream Team 58 Original Style..

kaostwenty2 says:

@will s put your tibetan bell experiment on a vid so everyboy can evolve
:) it is amazing to understand what civilization befor us did with all
these magnetic fields that we do not see!

Vincent Gill says:

A man of incredible vision and ingenuity. Implosion technology can solve
many environmental challenges

fixitladynow says:

I love learning something new each day and today so much new knowledge.
thanks for posting this!

Douilleur Lamagouille says:

Exceptionally complete documentary, thanks alot for the upload !
Its so sad they don’t do pieces like this anymore…

Josh Goff says:

when we realize the power of nature it’ll be dead thanks apes with top

EcoAeon Khalij says:

Viktor Schauberger – Comprehend and Copy Nature

Discover the science discoveries of Viktor Schauberger and how this science
can shape the future of life as we know it. With our exclusive products by
Saiseiko, you can see here how by using Viktor’s research, we can benefit
from natures energy to get the most out of our water and lives.

Bern Casper says:

What does Viktor say in German in the beginning of the video? Can anyone
translate for all of us?

Scott Elner says:

This is a superb and very watchable film. The discoveries of Schauberger
and others are now seeing the light of day and will hopefully
propel sustainability for the future. The novel Blue Eye incorporates
Schauberger’s technology within a modern day thriller/ conspiracy.
: r,

troydhansen says:

Vicktor was a humanitarian fighting against the NWO FOR ALL MANKIND BLESS

Cerebral says:

All the speculation on his implosion tech is really nothing in comparison
to his other work. Half the documentary is new age babble about ‘biological
vacuums creating nuclear reactions’ that power a flying saucer.

Jeno Dudas says:


Elven Lim says:

“..staying close to the mother..”

daniel ash says:

we can use this same thermal action’s in Nano production’s as in the use of
the cold and hot gas vapor’s to build up on a substraight a cooler area is
the biuld up and the hot is the sha;;ow part and with dam’s of spherical or
square /hex or tri point to create void’s and or deep well hole area’s
.Sound can do this as well for shape 

Carlitos Naizan says:

Que del putas este man, entender a la naturaleza es la clave, la ciencia de
entender a la naturaleza.

NasGaming92 says:

this guys was and is a boss! i love his ideas and his insights, we can
learn allot with him.

Jeremy Jansen says:

Hopefully the Excavator did not leak anything.

veramentegina says:

this is amazing!! thank you so much for sharing it..

SuperLuminal Man says:

An extraordinary, vital documentary; thank you! :>

Primatzg says:

I love his work and admire his inventions and his personality. Don’t like
USA propaganda, very simple to understand.

Primatzg says:

Lost in America, accidentally hahaha Classic USA propaganda for masses ;)

tubeyerself2 says:

Combine this most valuable info with the Clem engine and we may have
something that will piss off the oil cartels.

Nigel Dobson says:

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

will s says:

I froze an old fashioned metal ice cube tray, while playing a Tibetan
Singing bowl nearby & some of the icecubes formed hyperbolic spires on top
up to 3 inches tall.

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